torsdag 23. oktober 2014

September at Røst

Røst is widely known for its seabird colonies. For many birders, however, the fall migration is the most interesting period on this remote island. Situated far off the Lofoten Islands, Røst becomes a magnet for rare, out-of-course migrants.
When I visited the island in September, we combined the search for passerines on the main island Røstlandet with a pelagic trip to the waters off Skomvær lighthouse.

Starlings (Sturnus vulgaris) are gathering everywhere on the island, and
seems to like it around the sheep. Stær.

The siberian Yellow-browed Warbler (Phylloscopus inornatus) is regular on
fall migration at Røst - gulbrynsanger

A group of first year Red Knots (Calidris canutus) - polar sniper

First year Pomarine Skua (Stercorarius pomarinus) at Skomvær - polarjo

A couple of Sooty Shearwaters (Puffinus griseus) showed up around
the boat off Skomvær - grålire

A soon as we had loaded some chum in the water, the Fulmars
(Fulmarus glacialis) showed up around the boat - havhest

A first year Greater Black-backed gull (Larus marinus) - svartbak

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