mandag 29. april 2013

Polen 5: Mouth of river Vistula

The river Vistula is the largest river in Poland, and its mouth forms a huge delta just east of Gdansk. The western branch of the delta holds the bird reserve Ptasi Raj, and the main river leads out to an interesting beach landscape with sandbanks that change with floods and tidal water.
Bearded Tit males (Panurus biarmicus) in morning light at Ptasi Raj - skjeggmeis hanner

Bearded Tit female (Panurus biarmicus) - skjeggmeis hunn

Bearded Tit male (Panurus biarmicus) - skjeggmeis hann

Bearded Tit male (Panurus biarmicus) - skjeggmeis hann

Common Frog (Rana temporaria) - vanlig frosk

Common Toad (Bufo bufo) - padde
A beatiful Gras Snake (Natrix natrix) at the Vistula riverbed - buorm

Gras Snake (Natrix natrix) - buorm

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